Further on the LCWR

For some historical perspective on the situation of the LCWR today, and how it has come to pass that the Holy See as to investigate its actions and statements, indeed its whole ethos, then do go to Catholic World Report.

It is a fascinating account of the descent of the LCWR into post-Christianity, dragging its subjects with it, as exemplified by Sr Laurie Brink OP who addressed the LCWR in 2007. She notes with apparent approval the movement of some congregations of women “beyond the bounds of institutional religion” [ie the Church!], a movement she accurately, though unashamedly, describes as a “movement beyond Christ”. Some defend Sr Brink, arguing that was merely elaborating one of four currents in religious life, not advocating it. There is truth to this, but her failure to critique such a trend while describing it in some detail applies to it a patina of approval. Certainly no one argues that she is inaccurate in her description.