From a monastery window

This afternoon I looked to my left and saw one of the windows of my neighbour (the Subprior)…

IMG_9272Not a window to stand under for a while.

And looking left I saw this chap…


Heading for the trees, this munjack deer must have realised he was a little too conspicuous today.

Snow, and more snow

As a diversion from the gun debate below, serious and worthwhile as it is, let us glory in the dump of snow we have had at Douai, and that most of southern Britain is experiencing. For all its beauty it brings its own very significant hazards, so spare a prayer for those who must travel in this weather. And now is the time to fill your bird-feeders, if you have one. This will be a tough time time for the lovely little things. I am conscious of course that back in Australia my family swelters!

Some scenes this morning from Douai… as usual they get bigger if you click them.

IMG_9270upload IMG_9262upload IMG_9261upload IMG_9260