Recently, after Mass, someone articulated some spiritual difficulties, in particular, why doesn’t God do anything when we pray for those migrants in Calais?

It’s that old chestnut, or rather two chestnuts thrown into the blender to make one sludge of bewilderment: why does God not always answer our prayers; and why do bad things happen to the innocent? The answer to both, of course, is sin – human sin, to make it perfectly clear.

However, that is not by itself a satisfying answer to most. Books have been written addressing this real problem in Christians’ spiritual lives, and they often do it very well, and better than I could.

Yet we could still approach the problem from one angle at least.

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The Rule of St Benedict

As you can see, things are at an early stage here. In case you know little about St Benedict and his Rule you can find here a couple of links that will get you oriented. You can read an online version of the Rule of St Benedict so you can see for yourself what he teaches, but remember he wrote about 1500 years ago. A former Abbot Primate of the Benedictine Order, Jerome Theisen, has written a useful basic introduction to the Rule here. Abbot Jerome also has written a brief introduction to St Benedict himself. This should get you started …

St Benedict - pray for us!