Pope Francis and the Falklands

Well, it was one of my first fears when Francis was elected – that Argentina’s government would ramp up the pressure to get its greedy hands on the Falklands. No matter that no Argentine has lived on them, and that the residents of the Falklands have overwhelmingly voted, all but three of them, to remain British. Little matter that the renewed campaign under Presidentrix Kirchner regarding the Falklands has more to do with distracting her citizens from her gross mismanagement of the country and its economy, than with any real matter of justice. Like most things, it has a history of greater or less complexity depending how you view it.

photo_1363618784350_6_0-18kf184So no surprises then that the Presidentrix is already attempting to drag the new Pope into the affair, even though she reviled Cardinal Bergoglio when he was in Buenos Aires for his concerted opposition to her plans to attack the institution of marriage. Now he has become Pope, he is a friend all of a sudden, and the Presidentrix has whipped out another of her faces from the collection she maintains.

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner on Monday asked compatriot Pope Francis to mediate in the Falkland Islands‘ dispute with Britain at the new pontiff’s first talks with a head of state, as world leaders flew in for his inauguration mass. … Kirchner and Francis appeared to have avoided sensitive issues, with the president saying simply: “He’s our pope”.

The rest is here. The new Pope has made a point so far of doing things his own way. On this point he would do well to listen very carefully to the advice he will certainly be given: to speak words of peace, and stay out of the matter.