On a lighter note – something Coolgle (“cool from Google”)

Time for some cheer, via Dottech.org

Not just because I have a friend who works for them, do I love Google. Google Maps has been a revelation (though Bing Maps has more recent satellite photos – hurry up Google) and changed the way many of us navigate when walking or driving (or even using public transport). When Google introduced Street View, meaning we could see exactly what a street on the map looked like as if we were there, things got even better.

But Street View is moving off-road. You can now explore inside the world’s largest passenger airliner, an Airbus A380, belonging to Emirates airlines. The trickiest part was working out how to get to the top deck (Business & First Classes) – the simple way is to click on the picture of the Business Class bar in the row of pictures at the bottom which will appear once inside on the bottom deck, and then you will be on the upper deck.

First Class has showers! Indeed, we get a partial glimpse of our photographer there, because there is nowhere to hide in a small room with mirrors!

Click to make bigger!
Click to make bigger!

You can follow this link to explore the A380, and then hover your mouse cursor over “Dubai International Airport” at left and then click “See Inside”.