Death in question

The mild Sydney winter seems to help me get my rant on. Ranting via a tablet, however, leads to many a typo. Swings and roundabouts I guess…

The last 24 hours we’ve been hearing about the change to the text to the Catechism of the Catholic Church proposed by Rome to reflect the current papal attitude to the death penalty.

To be frank, this does not particularly worry me per se. Church moral teaching once encompassed slavery, now it definitively rejects it. Church teaching has encompassed capital punishment hitherto, but the recent magisterium has not looked positively on it. My approach to capital punishment is conflicted. For example I can see a case for capital punishment to ensure public protection from a violent, murderous offender whose guilt is incontrovertible. Likewise, genocide seems to merit the ultimate sanction. Again, guilt should be incontrovertible. Continue reading “Death in question”

Cover the Catechism in a year – in less than 10 minutes a week!

One of the tragically under-utilized resources of the Church is the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is a rich, readable, and reliable compendium of the teaching of the Church on pretty much everything. Most people, myself included, usually use it ad hoc, dipping in as need requires. But this is to miss the structure that makes the whole book cohere and logically flow.

However, why don’t we read it, cover to cover? Some clever boys have decided to help us do that. They have started a website from which you can download each day week (!) a podcast/audio file (or just use it online) which will cover a number of paragraphs of the Catechism each day. All you have to do is listen, or grab your copy of the Catechism and follow along as it is read out to you. If you do not have a copy they even provide a link to read it online, for free (or use the one above). Each broadcast will be not more than 10 minutes usually, so it is no great drain on your day week, and would make an excellent spiritual and intellectual discipline. You could listen on your iPod while commuting, for example.

Lent is as good a time to start as any, and indeed the broadcasts only started yesterday so there is little catching up to do. So get out your Catechism, and work your way through it from start to finish. Any questions, just ask here if you want. So head on over now to Read the Cat. Your growth in knowledge of the Faith will enrich the whole Church, not just you.