Priestess with the leastest (sense of discretion)

It is making great headway in the blogosphere and beyond: the priestette who has a sticker on the back of her car with the acronym “wtfwjd?”.

The vicarette might get a shock with what Jesus could do to her.
Heaven knows what the Hebrew sticker on the right says! Anybody?

It is, of course, a play on the (in)famous acronym “WWJD?”, or “what would Jesus do”, which has been oh-so-wittily combined with the even more infamous acronym, “WTF?” meaning “What the ****?”… you get the idea.

You can read the article in the Mail as linked above to see her specious defence based on Anglo-Saxon and other such bumf. You can also see the several photos for which she posed, dressed in a way that clearly harmonizes with her approach in sporting the sticker.

The Irreverend Alice Goodman
The Irreverend Alice Goodman

She combines a full Roman collar with tight black jeans. The garb does not flatter this 54-year old in any way, not least in reflecting her pastoral methodology. Her sticker and her garb, and her apologia indeed, betray that married to her desperate need to be modern, relevant and attention grabbing, is an equally pronounced lack of discretion and abundance of ego. I am long past blushing at the f-word (I worked for the Police for 3 years after all), but that any Christian (let alone clergy) can even think of using the f-word in conjunction with the Most Holy Name of Jesus is staggering. Such indiscretion beggars belief, and must surely cast into doubt her pastoral practice in whatever poor parish she has been inflicted upon.

She cannot help herself in the Mail’s interview. She is quoted as saying,

‘I would suggest that anyone who thinks it is inappropriate should get out a little more.(‘)

We might suggest that she get out a little less, as she must frequenting some very rough pubs indeed. She might the better spend her time reading a little more scripture, sound spiritual masters and the most effective evangelists and catechists. She might learn something.

May the Lord forgive her.