Web Address Update (ie boring but short)

IN A FEW DAYS the hughosb.com domain will expire. It makes the blog easier to find but it is an extra for which I cannot justify the expense in these straightened times! It is $18/yr, which does not sound much but… it all adds up.

So if you have been using that handy form of the web address, you will need to add in wordpress from 16 February—ie, hughosb.wordpress.com.

Sorry for the inconvenience to those who found it convenient!

2 thoughts on “Web Address Update (ie boring but short)

  1. The only problem with WordPress that we have found is the occasional adverts that pop up at the end of a published post. Most of the time they are fairly innocuous, but occasionally a reader will contact us with report of a totally unsuitable one for a Catholic site (ie contraceptives etc).
    It’s impossible to opt out unless we pay so I guess it goes with the free service. It’s just annoying that we don’t see the ads – just visitors to the site.


    1. That is the primary reason I went on to the personal plan—to remove ads. That does not renew until October so for the time being I can be ad-free, but I am not paying the extra for the handier domain name.

      As you say, that bloggers cannot see the ads on our sites leaves us vulnerable in some respects. Thus I thought the personal plan, though not exactly cheap, was worth it to ensure nothing external tainted the blog. All taints should be my own!



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