Two small changes

A friend reminded me today that at the bottom of any blog post there appears an advertisement. These will change from day to day, visit to visit. I have no say in what ads appear, indeed I never see them. The ads are be based not anything to do with me, but on WordPress’s priorities or even the reader’s browser history. WordPress says it filters ads for offensive or illegal material, but one might reasonably suspect that my definition of what constitutes offensive might be a little more stringent than WordPress’s definition.

My friend has reminded me that clergy especially need to be careful about what they might unwittingly be associated with. Also, there is my monastery to think about.

So, with a little family help, I am paying a small monthly fee to WordPress to remove the ads completely. This gives me peace of mind. An added bonus is that the upgrade includes a domain name for the blog, so here is a chance to utilise something more memorable for the blog’s web address.

So from now my readers, both of you, can also access this blog at The old address still works, however.

If I am lucky the upgrade might even solve my formatting issues.


8 thoughts on “Two small changes

    1. Interesting. If I were self-hosting this would be very attractive. However, I am still on WordPress except that I have removed the ads entirely and managed to snag a domain name into the bargain. But it is good to know there is a Catholic ad provider out there. Pax.


  1. Dear Fr Hugh, off topic, but the website of Douai Abbey has been blank for several days, do you know if there is a problem?

    Martin Hartley (ex br Martin 1988-1994)


    1. Hi Martin. Thanks for your message. I was advised only this morning that the site was down. Actually only about 2 or 3 pages are down, the rest are up if you know their address. The software I use to update the website cannot at present establish a connection to the server of the company that hosts our site so I strongly suspect the problem is with them. I have asked some action from them so I hope to have this glitch rectified soon.


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