The viva—update

To all those who visit here but do not follow me in on Facebook, my apologies. If you have been wondering how things went before the inquisitors, I can say that it turned out to be a very rewarding and even consoling experience. Not once did they “show the implements” to me, and in fact we had a lively and searching discussion on topics in and arising from the thesis. Professors Bullivant and Muessig settled me down very quickly, and my supervisor Professor D’Costa successfully and fruitfully distracted me both before and immediately after the viva, as I waited to be recalled for the examiners’ decision.

In short, they passed the thesis without requiring any corrections. Unless the research degrees award committee has decided to be as contrary as modern politics, both civil and ecclesiastical, I should be graduating as a MPhil in February. It is not impossible that something further might be done with the thesis. Time will tell.

To all who prayed on my behalf, my thanks and blessings. It worked, and it was rather cheering to enter the day in question knowing that others were praying for me.

And life rocks on…



9 thoughts on “The viva—update

  1. Thanks for the update, Fr. Hugh. I had been wondering as one of those who knows nothing about “Facebook”. Give me the old pen & paper… or an email on a computer that actually works !!! Mine is dead slow and some days: Stop!
    Anyway,heartiest Congratulations and with prayers of thanksgiving to our good God.
    I hope you can now relax and enjoy this beautiful Season of Advent.



  2. somehow I don’t envision a “thug” donning a pair of pink socks, but who am I to say 😉
    when our son finally graduated in June—He received a degree in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy —I commend you Father for your post graduate degree–especially in a field that would often find me frustrated and mad when he’s share class discussions with me…ode to the oh so philosophical bunch!!
    Congrats Father!!!


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