Spare a prayer

Please spare me a prayer tomorrow morning. At 11am, in Bristol, I will front two professorial inquisitors appointed to conduct the viva for my MPhil thesis on the ecumenism of blood and the Coptic martyrs of Libya.

The last couple of days re-reading critically the thesis I have found a regiment of typos and stylistic infelicities which escaped the notice of two pairs of eyes and which would not have troubled the spell-check. While I think the argument fairly sound I wonder if I have actually carried it off adequately. No doubt this is fairly natural pre-inquisition nervousness, and I am assured they are very nice inquisitors. Yet, mmm…

In the global scheme of things this is pretty inconsequential, yet it in such things we find that our personal horizons tend ineluctably to narrow and our world to shrink. It is very hard to resist.

So a prayer would be nice. At the very least I would hate for it to happen that I wasted more of the monastery’s money!


16 thoughts on “Spare a prayer

  1. Dear Fr Hugh,

    I pray all goes well to-morrow. What is the source of the Inquisition image – and do you know who the characters represented are? I especially wonder about the one with a kind of hood or veil…

    But answer only when your own ordeal is over!


    Sr Philippa



    1. Ahoy Sr Philippa!

      Thank you indeed for the prayers. The painting is Galileo before the Roman Inquisition, by Cristiano Banti (painted in 1857). As to the identities of the Dominicans depicted, I could not tell you thought I suspect history might remember their names somewhere.



  2. Am praying for you & have set my alarm to remind me to pray at 11 for you
    Btw I believe the Central standing Dominican is Prosecutor of the Holy Office, the Reverend Father Fra Vincenzo Maculano, reading out to Galileo the serious charges of suspicion of heresy. His assistant was Reverend Father Carlo Sinceri,but I can’t remember if he is one of the other characters in the painting.
    God bless, Teresa


  3. Of course prayers Father…but I know that you will ace this “inquisition” and blow their socks off…maybe they are pink socks like yours…or red so you say 😉
    Remember you have written about the Coptic martyrs…a group of people who you stand today to represent…that in the end is what is most important…you give voice to the voiceless…typos and all!!!
    Break a leg Father…or just don’t wear pink socks 😉
    Prayers will abound….


    1. Black socks, be assured. But white clerical shirt, as I cannot walk into a secular university for an inquisition a viva in the full panoply of Rome. But you have reminded me that it is all for the Coptic martyrs and the cause of unity, so if it is of God, or my little role in it at least, then it will happen one way or the other.

      For the prayers, my thanks as ever. Pax!

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      1. Indeed Father, you stand tall—reminding all those within the secular world as well as the world of collar and cross that you stand for the word of God and for those who have gone before with that same word on their lips…
        now take courage…the academia minutia will take care of itself.
        Now get in the bed and get some sleep!!! Waking refreshed and confident that you represent something greater than mere words on paper!!!
        May blessings abound!


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