Succumbing to modernity

Finally I have succumbed. I have just taken to Instant Gramming. It is quite fun I have to admit. It was either Instagram or Pokemon Go. I chose the better part. No selfies, though… I promise! Go have a look if you need to slaughter some time.



5 thoughts on “Succumbing to modernity

  1. Father you are a better man than I—well, since I’m of the female persuasion, that may not be hard—HA
    Of all people, this former high school art teacher, should be the queen of instagram, pintrest, etc…
    I’ve never had a Facebook–my rebellion to all this social media business and I have not jumped into the flicker, instagram etc accounts.
    So there are a few of us still living happily in the dark ages 🙂
    Happy photography!!!


  2. are you registered as @hughosb ? there is a fellow called Hugh Osborne who must wonder why I am following him, but hughosb didn’t show up !? Thanks !


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