Sacra Liturgia Day 2

It was a late night and the eyes hang a little heavy this morning. But it is good to be here, to quote the apostle.

After yesterday’s landmark address by Cardinal Sarah it is hard to avoid a precipitate sense of having been present at something important. It is perhaps the sort of day that one might look back on and say “I was there when…”.

One striking thing about Cardinal Sarah’s address was the humility with which he spoke, even when he was speaking with passion. During the several rounds of applause be kept his head bowed, milking nothing from the applause, not even a shy smile. He was there for the message not the glory.

Now, for Dom Alcuin Reid’s paper to open the day. He is speaking on the debate on liturgical reform in the Council floor.


5 thoughts on “Sacra Liturgia Day 2

  1. This truly is an exciting moment for us lay people, especially those of us under the age of thirty who’re dismayed with the lack of a sincere attentiveness to holiness in the religion we’ve unfashionably clung to. We look with growing envy at the sincerity, seriousness, and outward display of interior religious life that our lay brothers and sisters who profess Islam and Orthodox Judaism are able and encouraged to display even here in our English towns and cities. I hope the clergy are paying full attention. It’s time for Catholicism to wake up and catch up. We need a return to holiness, to sincerity and to a Godcentred liturgy, and facing East seems like a good place to start. Thank God for the work of Cardinal Sarah. Thank you for blogging; keep it up.

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    1. Thank you! Indeed there is much to be learned from the public witness of Muslims and Jews. Sometimes the sheer the visibility of people of faith is a preaching of faith itself. We would both agree it is the Christian faith that needs such preaching.

      Today’s summaries are underway. One down, one to go.



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