Sacra Liturgia 2016

After checking in at Corpus Christi Maiden Lane in Covent Garden, where Fr Alan Robinson is most graciously sheltering me this week, it was time to straighten the habit, gird the loins and brave the Piccadilly Line to Imperial College to register and prepare for the opening of the annual Sacra Liturgia conference. This is my first time and it promises to be a most stimulating and illuminating time. 

The premier league of MCs and acolytes have also gathered in order to ensure the the conference liturgies are exemplary, and able to speak clearly in their ancient and sacred voice. This evening Cardinal Sarah, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship, will give the opening address. In light of his recent statements many of us are waiting with eagerness to hear what he has to say.

Without wanting to duplicate the extensive coverage that is promised from the Sacra Liturgia 2016 Facebook page, anything noteworthy will be recorded here in order to help in ever so small a way the liturgical apostolate. How easily we forget the apostolic and evangelistic fruits of the liturgy celebrated faithfully and well.

Dom Benedict from Silverstream had just joined me as we await solemn vespers with Bishop Rey.


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