In comments on the previous post about St George, Dr Joe Shaw implies that we could have two patrons, or even three if we count St Edward the Confessor (whom I am not biased against, as his feast day is my birthday).

It seems that this has occurred to others already. I am rather struck by the neat distinction in the midst of the compromise seen below:



St George (red cross) for the nation; St Edmund (crown and arrows) for the people. This distinction needs some further meditation, as there may possibly be a fly in this ointment. Not too sure as yet. But this designation, Patron Saint of the English, seems to have some traction, judging by this car sticker:



In fact, the county flag of Suffolk already emblazons a compromise officially:



How it makes one think…

8 thoughts on “Co-patrons?

    1. Certainly, if Richard I chose him as a personal patron Fr Mark’s thesis has traction. However I am led to believe that Edward III when electing St George patron of the Order of the Garter made him also patron of England. But not the English? Maybe this sits with Fr Marl’s thesis too!


  1. I can’t see the distinction you’re making. So you mean St George protects property and stuff, earth and animals, etc; whilst St Edmund protects people? Who then would look after people living in England who are not English? It’s fun to debate! But I fear we’re being a bit batty …


    1. Ah, but I am not making the distinction, merely recognising it. Indeed I said that this needs to be more searchingly thought through, and I suspect there will be more than one fly in the ointment. But it is a neat piece of quick thinking to try to enable St Edmund to retake his patronal throne, even if he has to share it.

      Fr Elvins, as noted by by Charles above, pointed out that St George began as a monarch’s personal patron, and then that of his family. I need to determine what really happened in 1348.


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