A 1965 Missal Surprise

It has been a busy day (and not over yet), in part due to another newborn lamb to attend to. Say hello Flora.

Flora, still a little messy from her birth.

One of my fine blog correspondents (and there are some really good people who drop me a line) has sent me some interesting news, confirming and elaborating information received from another correspondent Michael over at St Bede Studio.

It seems that the 1965 Missal is not as dead as I had thought it to be. The monks at the thriving monastery of Fontgombault have been known to use it. It is reported that in 2011 the 1965 Missal was used for the Mass at which the new Abbot of Fontgombault, Dom Pateau, received the abbatial blessing from the Archbishop of Bourges.

Abbot Pateau receives the mitre

Formidable, Fontgombault! Revive ’65.


8 thoughts on “A 1965 Missal Surprise

  1. Fr Hugh,

    The Fongombault Benedictines received permission from the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” (perhaps in the early 1990’s?), conceding to them certain practices at Conventual Mass, many of which would be familiar to those who know the 1965 Missal.

    These practices include the omission of the Preparation when Terce is sung immediately before Conventual Mass, the reading/singing of the lessons in the vernacular, the use of the “Oratio fidelium” according to approved books (I think they refer here to the litanies as found in the Solesmes publication “Prieres Litaniques de l’office”), the chanting aloud of the Secret prayer, the chanting of “Pater noster” by the entire community with the celebration, the chanting of the “Per ipsum”, the chanting of the final blessing by priests, and the omission of the Last Gospel.

    The use of these concessions by the Fontgombault Benedictines (and by the humble community at Silverstream) pretty much gets you to the 1965 Missal, even if they don’t literally have a 1965 Missal on the altar. I wonder if this is what Mr Sternbeck at St Bede Studio is referring to.

    Also, based on what must be separate concessions from the above, Fontgombault Benedictines also on occasion practice concelebration, and use the 1970 OSB calendar together with the 1962 cycle of Sundays and greater ferias (these last two are not observed at Silverstream, although I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of concelebration on the rarest of occasions in the future).


    1. Salve Dom Benedict!

      Thank you very much for the detailed background to the Fontgombault usage. It certainly explains how the 1965 usages could appear in France. Even if the missal is not literally the 1965 model, the usages mean that de facto it is the 1965 missal. It was wonderful to see that they could embrace vestments beyond the Roman cut that seems to predominate in EF celebrations.

      Concelebration is a topic much on mind at present. Theologically there is no problem, but as a matter of liturgical praxis is presents several grace challenges. We might have to come back to this topic soon.

      Blessings on you and the brethren.



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