Pope Francis at his best

Happily, this picture is doing the rounds at the moment. This is good. So very good. A real Francis-can moment. Truly it needs no description.


Such a picture confirms that Pope Francis is more a man of action that word. Symbolic (though not only, and no less sincere for that) actions are his forte. If he can play to his strengths he has so much to offer this world, and the Church. And today, no doubt, this man too.

Peace upon them both.

10 thoughts on “Pope Francis at his best

  1. True; it is a beautiful photo of pope Francis demonstrating his love for the man with a disfiguring skin disease.
    Pope em Benedict XVI also kissed and embraced sick people, visited prisoners, the homeless(and not only that, but, according to one high ranking official in the Vatican, was even going around a huge table where about 150 homeless men were sitting, greeting each and every one personally!
    How come that so few people, catholics as well, seem so unaware of this?
    Also, pope Benedictus spoke of his wish for “a poorer Church”, already in 2005.
    In fact, even back in the early 70´s, in a German radio interview, he mentioned this. Never heard of this, catholics?
    Finally, and most IMPORTANTLY: Benedict talked openly and often about the victims.
    What victims? Refugees? Prisoners?
    No, he talked about the many victims of the (mainly) homosexual(not “pedophile!) scandals in the Church.
    He called it “the filth within”, in a speech addressing high ranking Vatican officials
    The silence about the (mainly)homosexual scandals in the Church is ear deafening, after Benedict´s resignation. The media (not surprisingly) obviously never cared for them but cynically only used them as an instrument to attack Benedict XVI, who was a German pope. European and Western liberal left wing media, as well as many Europeans in general, suffer from a deeply rooted self hatred which can only be labelled “pathological” (Benedict´s expression). This same media will welcome any pope or others with open arms, as long as they are coming from South America, Africa (especially)or any other developing country. They would adore a Chinese pope, or one from communist Cuba.
    This is of course in no way pope Franci´s fault . The media will twist and spin almost every word the Holy father says in interviews etc.I pray and hope that the Holy Spirit will lead him to increase the love among many more people for the catholic Church all over the World.
    I also pray for Benedict every day, hoping that God will let him feel how much he was and is loved by us and by many.


  2. Some balance is called for. All faithful tradional Catholics know that it is what a pope says that is important – what he does is secondary and can be ignored (like dancing in church, blessing a peadophile or kneeling for a blessing from a Protestant). Just as Protestants believe in the inerrancy of Scripture, the Catholic Church depends on the Deposit of Faith defined in irreformable statements. No pope can get round that, whatever he does. People will start talking about the ‘spirit of Jesus’ next and we know where that sort of loose talk leads!


      1. Hi.

        Well, it is not really bizarre. Indeed it was a beautiful gesture, and one the world can do with seeing again and again until it begins to get the message about the dignity of the human person from conception to natural death (ie death as a result of the nature of things, which includes accidents).

        What Henry points out is that one beautiful act cannot simply wipe away a year of confusion and ambiguous statements from the new pope. Thankfully he seems finally to have cottoned on to this, a fact which perhaps I need to blog about.

        While we can rejoice in a pope who can make such powerful gestures of charity, what we always need is a pope who puts first the heavy burden that this position inescapably imposes. Part of that burden is to ignore the world’s opinion and to teach the Faith authentically and authoritatively, preserving the Truth in its full integrity, for its is the Truth that sets us free.

        The modern media have changed the exercise of the papal office immensely the last half century, and it is a challenge for them indeed to discern how best to proceed in this new context while remaining true to the papal vocation.



  3. I agree with both Angelica and Father Hugh. Yes it is a nice picture but like Angelica points put not only Benedict and John Paul II also did the same things. And yes one nice picture cannot stop all the confusing things he has been doing and saying we don’t want to have another Cult of Personality surrounding the Papacy. It will lead to style over substance.


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