The true principle of the women’s ordination movement

From Fr Zuhlsdorf comes a reference to a story in the National Catholic Reporter, a US liberal journal which he reads but I cannot bring myself to do. It refers to an interfaith prayer pow-wow focusing on “gender justice”, and he provides a lengthy quotation from it.

Since the word gender is actually a grammatical term (important more in foreign tongues in which nouns are given a masculine, feminine or neuter gender: thus the Latin mensa, the feminine noun for ‘table’; hortus, the masculine noun for ‘garden’; and rosarium, the neuter noun for ‘rose garden’. It is clear that grammatical gender has little to do with sexual difference, but I digress… where was I? Oh yes, since gender is a grammatical term…) then for a fleeting second I thought grammarians were up in arms about an imbalance between feminine, masculine and neuter nouns in some language or other. But of course, they mean “sex justice”, that is between males and females. (Do progressives and feminists avoid the word sex in this proper context because they would be embarrassed, like some Victorian prude? Or would they titter like children on hearing the word?)

Of course, since the “Catholic” representative body in this escapade is the Women’s Ordination Conference, then we know instantly that the so-called justice referred to, for them at least, is opening up Catholic priestly ordination to women. No matter how many times the teaching authority of the Church, not least in papal declarations, affirms that the Church cannot ordain women, there are some who refuse to accept reality and argue in utter futility for the impossible. It is like a man being told he cannot be a mother, and then start a campaign to be one, no matter that it is patently impossible. It is an accurate analogy.

That said, many feminists would reject that analogy, and the logic of the Church’s teaching, because they reject the Church’s authority to teach. They are their own authority,  not the Church nor Christ who guarantees the Church’s magisterial teaching. In so doing, they effectively reject Christ. No Catholic logic will be accepted by them as they deny the premises of Catholic logic.

Women pretending to be Catholic priests – the Christ-less cross seems particularly apt.

This is made manifest in this interfaith prayer pow-wow for “gender justice”, that is, women’s ordination. If you look at the Facebook page for the event (sorry – I will not link to it. Google it like I did if you must see it) then we see that what unites all these feminists is the desire to have religious power, since “far too many women are still being denied equal participation and leadership in their faith traditions”. Thus,

Featured representatives will include
• Lorie Winder, representing Ordain Women, which advocates for the ordination of women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon);
• Erin Saiz Hanna, executive director of the Women’s Ordination Conference, which works for the equality of women in the Roman Catholic tradition;
• Rabbi Tamara Miller, representing Washington friends of Women of the Wall, which advocates for the right of Jewish women to wear prayer shawls, pray, and read from the Torah collectively and out loud at the Western Wall (Kotel) in Jerusalem; and
• Carol Schmidt, president of Ordain Women Now, which works to promote an open discussion within the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod about the ordination of women.

So there you are – Mormons, Jews, Lutherans. And since one of the venues is Salt Lake Buddhist Temple (Utah), we can throw in Buddhists as well. What unites this disparate group? Faith in the Trinity whose perfect revelation is the God-Man Jesus Christ? Hardly. It is feminism.

And that is the real principle behind the Women’s Ordination Conference’s advocacy for the impossible feat of ordaining women to the Catholic priesthood: feminist desire for power. It is not faith, nor Christ and his teaching, nor his Church. If those were the true principles then how could you join with non-Catholics, and non-Christians, to advocate for an essentially Catholic theological issue, the meaning and significance of which lies only in the context of the Catholic Church. If it were a theological issue then how could they reject the authority that gives theology its force. It is not a faith issue for this group; it is about forcing entry into areas properly the domain of men for the political goal of feminist “gender justice”. It is not equality they seek (for men and women are already equal before God and in the Church); rather they seek identity, to be identical to men in role. The eradication of sexual difference is their aim, and that too is a rejection of the God who made humanity male and female.

If this is a cause that can unite some Mormons, Jews, Catholics, Lutherans, Episcopalians and Buddhists, then all well and good for them. But this very fact gives the lie to any assertion that the cause of the ordination of women to the Catholic priesthood is a faith issue. It is pure social engineering and Catholics must have nothing to do with it.

Yes, this was verging on a rant. But perhaps more faithful Catholics need to start ranting in defence of truth. Silence in the face of the secularization of the Church has abetted the collapse of the Church over the last 50 years. Surely that is long enough for us to come to our senses. There are none so blind as those who will not see.

8 thoughts on “The true principle of the women’s ordination movement

  1. Women’s ordination is the whole point behind a couple of other phenomena in the Church: (a) the self-inflicted priest shortage, and (b) altar girls. We’ve known for years that orthodox candidates for the priesthood are routinely weeded out, though some manage to fight their way through to ordination. Liberals in positions of power in dioceses like the priest shortage because they think it will force the Church to start ordaining women and more married men — but mostly women. And having altar girls is all about manipulating and recruiting young girls to the cause of women’s ordination by making them the “victims” of “injustice”: how unfair it is that girls are good enough to serve at the altar but not to be priests! It was an awful mistake to permit altar girls.

    Liberals are liberals first; whatever else they may be comes in a very distant second. That is why liberals in the Church are more than willing to hold the faithful hostage to their agenda by making sure there aren’t enough priests, and to exploit young girls for their own ends.


    1. Thanks Anita. Two good points. I quite agree about the altar girls issue: it was always a trojan horse for the women’s ordination lobby. Not only is there the ‘injustice’ fabrication, but it implicitly affirms to a girl that she only has real worth and value if she can do exactly what boys do. This is when feminists become de facto mysoginists.

      “Liberals are liberals first” – I could not agree more. Indeed the sooner we recognize openly that the liberal Catholic agenda is primarily secular and at best a-religious, at worst anti-religious, the sooner we can scuttle it once and for all.



  2. Liberals and woman vying for power via the priesthood– the two things that make my blood pressure soar and leaves me wanting to either scream or cry– depending on the day…. They both just consider me ignorant and old fashion– I just consider them rebellious to a fault— thank you for sharing Father 🙂 makes my day 😉
    Peace and grace to you— Julie


    1. Do be ignorant and old-fashioned, because when it matches the teaching of the Church it is a wisdom the world cannot comprehend. Fidelity and obedience count far more than being learned and up-to-date.



  3. Thanks for another interesting post and great comments from Catholic women who don’t feel this ‘feminist desire for power’.
    Probably because we are too busy contributing to society and looking after our families and communities …

    These people are deluding themselves: all their efforts to get ‘complete equality’ in the workplace have failed – corporate boards are still male dominated.
    However there are many influential and inspiring women working within big corporations and running their own businesses.
    I certainly don’t feel that our society undervalues their contribution; just recognises that the contribution is different, but equally respected.

    If only these feminists could understand that the Church has created equally valuable and respected pathways for men & women to contribute in the way best suited to their sex.

    (Also, I think it is a bit disrespectful to insinuate that nuns and monks are not as ‘equal’ as ordained priests. It is quite ridiculous – we all know how hard everyone works and see their devotion to their vocation.)

    cheers Brigid


    1. Two good points Brigid. The workplace, an area in which equality has meaning, is still very much a work-in-progress as you point out. Here is where feminist fervour could be more profitably spent. That said, women whose work is the home and in the raising of children and being the principle of unity and efficiency in a family should not be undervalued; they are not victims of inequality as their work is as important, yea more so, than any City job.

      And of course nuns and the non-ordained are not in any way less in equality to priests. There is a difference in role, and their is an ontological difference, but this is hardly the stuff of injustice. Equal is not a synonym for identical.

      Peace upon you.


  4. Thank you for putting the case for women and our value in our own right. These ‘feminists’ undermine us and undermine our efforts to be the best we can be and as God made us, as He, in his wisdom wanted us to be. We are not men and frankly I would not want to be one. It takes all my time to be a woman.

    The feminist movement belittles women in their desperate trying to be men. It is like camp men aping movements that they think will make them look like women. Instead they look false. Something was said to them as children that makes them not realise how precious they are to the Lord as He made them. Their low self esteem makes them try to be what they are not, in an effort to please some human who did not love them.

    There are plenty of cultures which belittle women to the point of killing girls because they are girls. eg India and China.(sex selective abortion was outlawed in China in 2005). Now their men can’t find girls to marry. The heartache is huge. There is even a move in this country to have terminations based on the sex of the child which was highlighted this very week. If ever there was an attack on women it is the evil of ‘abortion’. Abortion destroys everyone and everything. Please God make it stop.

    There are men who hate women and thousands of girls have disappeared and have been murdered worldwide. Femicide is now being recognised by the UN. See the Messenger of St. Anthony April 2013.
    These women who want to be priests should take a step back and see where they are standing. Women trying to be priests is an attack on the Church and an attack on all women and on humanity . They are against the Lord and their activities are making real women’s lives more difficult. Obedience to the Lord is key. God bless you all and may the lord’s will be done.


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