Danes with beer bottles

Some time ago I watched someone’s parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s catchy pop ditty Call Me Maybe. I have been paying the price since as my various web services, remembering this, keep suggesting other versions of the song. For it seems there are ten gazillion videos of parodies, lip synchs, spoofs and homages to the song, by all sorts of people. Just search in Youtube if you have several hours to kill.

So when I saw in the list “Call Me Maybe on Bottles”, my interest was piqued and I expected to see bottles lined up in a row played by some child prodigy. But no – there was cool, and there were Danes. It seems the Danes of today have turned over a new leaf since the time of their forefathers a millennium ago. I mean 50% of all Copenhageners cycle to work, in part because you can do so without risking death. The place seems so clean and modern and tranquil. If someone needs a companion when visiting Denmark, take me!

So it seems these Danish lads have made a name for themselves beyond this classic. But enjoy this one – it makes me smile every time.

Just …. so …. clever. And the work in emptying all those bottles. Dedication.

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