An Easter Lamb

The Triduum is a busy time for a monk who is both sacristan and cantor. Unexpectedly, my shepherd’s hat was on today as well – a surprise lamb born today, Holy Saturday, in the midst of our first period of sunshine for quite a while (though it still be chilly).

Though untimely born, she is well-omened. So Frances is our Easter lamb. 11 live lambs this year, our best crop ever (and this after three dead at birth). Alas, only two of them girls. A weird year. Given North Korea’s excessively loud belligerence, perhaps the end of the world is nigh. Repent, while we have the light of life.

Below is the little girl and her young mother (barely over a year old herself, and rejected by her own mother last year), taken with shaky, frozen hand on a mobile phone.


Frances, the Easter lamb.

9 thoughts on “An Easter Lamb

  1. Perhaps the end of the world is nigh.

    I wish I had read this before completing an on line order for a groceries delivery from Sainsbury’s. If Father is correct, there’s really no point in restocking the fridge and freezer.
    Perhaps I should use up what supplies of wine, cognac, etc., I have in. No point iin letting things go to waste !

    I hope I am not too late to wish Father a Happy Easter while we are still within the octave.



      1. A very sensible suggestion. Yes, I can “amend order” on line up to the evening before delivery, but it occurs to me a nice meal or two would be a good idea, if we are facing imminent nuclear annihilation, so perhaps I’ll leave the grocery order as it is.

        As to numbing the pain, I think I have more than enough items in stock already to do that !

        Who knows what will happen ? N. Korea might calm down. The Apocalypse will be delayed indefinitely. Pope Francis the Innovator will abolish the Curia, reinstate the Octave of Pentecost, revive the title Patriarch of the West, and sack Fr. Lombardi, while the Ecumenical Patriarch presides over a synod of Orthodox bishops who vote to acknowledge papal supremacy and to enter into communion with Rome.

        Well, you never know . . .



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