Well, I’ll be.

Our internet is near dead so I am using a phone to blog. Strange it feels.

I have also been busy instructing a confirmand so this is yet to sink in.

What strikes me? A Jesuit pope. It is unprecedented especially given the folklore precluding a Jesuit pope.

He is 76, only a year younger than Benedict at his election. Youth has not appealed. What does this reveal of the cardinals’ thinking?  A short term pope? So was John XXIII!

Francis? Surely after Francis Xavier, the great Jesuit missionary and ideal saint for the New Evangelization. By choosing a new name is he signalling he is to be his own man?

He is non-curial, and Jesuits are adept at confronting the Curia. Reform is in the air.

He is Argentine. Expect that country to harp even more on the Falklands.

Viva il papa!

More when I can use a real keyboard!


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