Post-pontificate paparazzo pic of Benedict XVI

Rocco Palmo has spotted that the Italian magazine Chi (literally, ‘Who’), has published a “world exclusive” photo of Benedict XVI after his abdication. He is seen walking through the gardens of Castel Gandolfo with his secretary Archbishop Gänswein. Charmingly, he is wearing a white baseball cap. He is relaxing now indeed!


One thought on “Post-pontificate paparazzo pic of Benedict XVI

  1. Salve Pater,

    I wondered who would be the first to get an “exclusive” shot of the former pope. I never doubted the paparazzi would find a vantage point from which they could have the gardens of Castel Gandolfo staked out with their modern long range cameras. They’ve been doing the same thing with royals and “celebrities” for years.

    But what does it prove ? Benedict XVI said he would be going into a life of retirement. And here he is, in a life of retirement. No story, as far as I can see. I suppose the paparazzi will similarly have tried to stake out the gardens of his future residence in the Vatican. I doubt they will have much success there, and will soon tire of it.

    Personally, I would replace the baseball cap with a capello romano. Pius XII sometimes sported a white one, I think, and so too did John XXIII. I don’t want the former pope to look too casual !

    Well,the paparazzi notwithstanding, there’s nothing like a little fresh air to blow away the cobwebs when you’re busy with your books !

    Meanwhile, I see the the usual rumours are circulating about certain cardinals putting themselves forward as candidates, with politicking, manoevring and cardinal electors plotting whom they will block. In other words, business as usual !

    Pax et bonum.



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