Cardinals’ biographies – if you’re interested

The Vatican website has helpfully posted brief biographies of all the cardinal electors (and, on another page, all the cardinals, electors or not).

It is principally intended for the press, but available to all. Given Benedict’s warning to us about the role of the media in distorting the Church’s understanding of the Council, maybe we should take the first step and read these biographies ourselves before we see any media “interpretation” of them. Click the picture below.

Image 001

6 thoughts on “Cardinals’ biographies – if you’re interested

  1. Thank you! Perhaps I should tell you that I am a Director of Religious Education at a large and well-educated [university] parish; I’m finding that many of your resources are valuable for me, personally, and often seem appropriate for passing on to parishioners. I truly appreciate it.


    1. Thank you for the feedback Annie. It is cheering to know that one does one’s little bit for at least some in the Church. If we all do our little bit, it adds up to a great deal indeed.

      Blessings on your work!


  2. I wonder how the Cardinals would respond if Jesus happened to walk into the room while they are holding their conclave to elect the next Pope?
    Much the same way in which thein power ecclesiastical establishment of Jesus’s time and place in Palestine 2000 years ago. He was of course completely unacceptable to them. Even to the degree that they conspired with the Roman State to have Jesus executed.


    1. They are not perfect, but they are hardly the Sanhedrin. One can speculate along any line of thought one wants, but equating the cardinals with the Jewish establishment is a little passé, and reflects your political agenda rather than reality.



  3. On the contrary, they are much more malignant by many orders of magnitude. Their, and the church’s blood-soaked historical record speaks for itself.
    And of course I suppose that you (or they) do not have a political agenda – while pretending to do “God’s” work.
    I wonder which Cardinal Jesus would choose?
    The answer is of course NONE of them


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