Benedict XVI photos, and hats

It has only struck me today that photos of Benedict XVI, Bishop Emeritus of Rome, are now going to be very few and far between. Very few. His cloistering with the Cross has begun.

The Vatican website has posted a charming online photobook as a tribute to the quondam pontiff. The link below will take you there. Click on the title page to enter, thereafter the top right corner to turn the pages.

A Photo Tribute to Benedict XVI

I’m still finding his living absence hard to take in.

He wasn’t an extrovert like Bl John Paul II, who as a former actor could work the crowd like no pope before him (save St Peter!). But in one thing he could certainly cut a dash – hats. He knew the value of a good hat (and below he even wears a cap from my from my former employer, the New South Wales’ Police Force – hello VKG Sydney!) click the images for a bigger view







He gave a few as gifts too…


7 thoughts on “Benedict XVI photos, and hats

  1. I’m loving the one of him in a papal baseball cap. Captions are cropping up in my mind, but I’ve recently resolved to speak less in general, especially of the flippant sort, so I’m biting my fingers.

    But it’s still cool!


  2. That is a beautiful tribute; very inspiring.

    I thought the comments about silence, prayer, and studying the Word of God were good encouragement as I try to make time each day for Lectio Divina during Lent.
    It is challenging to turn all the distractions off and just ‘be’.

    Thanks for the great photos of the hats !


    1. Thank you Brigid, and wonderful news that you are spending extra time this Lent for the word of God. Let me encourage you further! Even if you can only manage 10 minutes, it is enough. The gentle, unhurried re-reading of the scripture is like waves gently lapping against the seashore – almost imperceptibly an impression is gradually made, as occasionally you will (do already I hope)discover to your surprise.



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