From darkness into light – some positive action

Desperate as I was to end this awe-ful day on something like a positive note, I was lucky to have come across something on Vox’s blog. He has adopted a cardinal!

Jugend 2000 (Youth 2000) has set up a website at which you can adopt a cardinal. This sounded mightily prone to being tacky, but it is not. It is utterly charming. One signs up in about 10 to 15 seconds, and then you are randomly assigned a cardinal for whom one thereafter prays on a daily basis in the lead up to the conclave, during the conclave itself, and for three days after the papal election has been concluded. As I type, 128,924 people have adopted a Cardinal.

One is shown a brief profile of your assigned Eminence, and this is also emailed to you. I was assigned Fernando, Cardinal Filoni, the 67-year old Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. So for him I shall be praying daily, as well as the cardinal electors in toto, that he (and they) will be guided surely the Holy Spirit in choosing a new Shepherd, and given courage to follow that guidance.

The website has English and German versions, and is a worthy way to be involved in the process of selecting Benedict XVI’s successor. So please,


16 thoughts on “From darkness into light – some positive action

    1. Thank you Jennifer!

      Cardinal Meisner was (sorry – is!) very close to Benedict XVI, which tells you something. He has been a cardinal since 1983, can you believe it, so he knows the ropes well and truly. He will be very influential.

      God bless you. 🙂


    1. Cardinal Barbarin – wonderful. He is a fine cardinal, multi-lingual, multi-national (he was born in Morocco) and thoroughly Catholic. Indeed, he would seem rather to fit the job spec!



  1. I’ve just tried to access the site, only to be told ; ” Aufgrund hoher Severlast können momentan keine Kardinäe adoptiert werden !

    It seems the traffic is too heavy at the moment, but they’re working on it. So the scheme seems to be a sucess ! I’ll try again later.

    Meanwhile, I suppose I could offer prayers for the Dean of the College of Cardinals, the Camerlengo and the Major Penitentiary. (When the See of Peter is sede vacante, I think these are the only ones with an offical function, though I’m open to correction.)


    1. Oh no. Oh happy fault! May God speed their solution (which appears to be working in part – there website appears now with a bilingual message of hope!)

      You are spot on – those are the only cardinals who have work to do, the only curial officials in fact. So indeed you are very proper to pray for them in the meantime. But do check back to get your cardinal.

      Pray early, pray often.

      PS I see they have added Spanish to the site’s languages. Those South and Central Americans are getting on the job.


  2. I did this some time ago and got Cardinal Eijk of Utrecht. His surname looks like something I would say if I saw a mouse! (I gather the Eij is something only a native speaker can pronounce, so if he were elected we’d have an interesting day or two hearing everybody trying!).

    More to the point, he trained as a doctor before he went into seminary and has philosophy and theology degrees too, so he’d be the right one to argue the toss on current issues – anyone who tried to make out faith was unreasonable would get a run for his money!

    Like with our UK dioceses there’s a break in the history of Utrecht, so I suppose that part of the country must have become Protestant. (It appears they were able to re-establish with the old names, which was forbidden to the English hierarchy by Act of Parliament).

    God bless him and keep him and give him holy wisdom.


    1. LOL! Yes he is a little unpronounceable. Maybe this alone will spare him the papacy. Apparently if you change a letter in his name but keep the pronunciation you have the Dutch word for “oak”, so maybe this is what the Dutch recognize first when his name is mentioned. Auspicious!

      I am rather glad that Parliament forbade us use of the old diocesan names. If we had set up new diocese with the same names as the old ones, we might be seen as implicitly renouncing our claim to them, as having “moved on”. We haven’t! 😉



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