A critique of the Tablet worth reading

The Tablet is not one of my favourite publications. I consider its label “Catholic” false advertising and its content too often apt to lead souls astray (this of course only matters if you do not believe in hell, which they don’t I suspect). There is a Facebook campaign to have The Tablet removed from sale in Catholic churches. It has provoked Clifford Longley to spit his dummy and cry “libel”.

Dr Joseph Shaw, an Oxford don and chairman of the Latin Mass Society (who had the misfortune of teaching me for a short time) has taken Mr Longley head on and produced a clinically cool refutation of claims made on behalf of The Tablet‘s journalistic standards. Here is something of Dr Shaw’s conclusion:

For in fact, no one from their side of the argument has presented new thinking or new research for getting on for twenty years, by contrast with the stream of conservative scholarly publications. It is the liberals who are relying on naked power, and positions of privilege and prestige which they certainly didn’t achieve on merit, to suppress dissent, to close down debate, to maintain the tottering status quo against a groundswell of opposition. The Tablet maintains an ever-narrowing spiral of denial, supported by a dwindling band of aging fire-brands like Hans Kung, and younger thinkers ever more reliant on post-modern bilge rather than argument, inhabiting institutions ever more remotely connected with the Church.

Please do go and read it. It is reasoned and reasonable, free from hyperbole and compelling in its assessment.

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