Fr Romuald Simpson OSB – body received

Tonight before vespers we received the body of our confrere, Fr Romuald Simpson OSB, who died on 5 July, aged 82. At the time of his death he was still Subprior of the monastery and Cathedral Prior of Coventry. Through the years he had been Bursar, Prior and Choirmaster as well as spending about a decade as Parish Priest of our parish of Stratford-upon-Avon. His funeral will be tomorrow (ie Monday) at 2.30pm in the abbey church, followed by his burial in the monastic cemetery next to the church. Below are a few photos taken after vespers, his coffin dressed as for a priest. They get bigger if clicked. May God, in His mercy, grant him eternal rest.

We have not lost a fellow Christian; we have restored him to the Lender. His life is not destroyed; it is changed for the better. He whom we love is not hidden in the ground; he is received into heaven. Let us wait a little while, and we shall be once more with him. The time of our separation is not long, for in this life we are all like travelers on a journey, hastening on to the same shelter. While one has reached his rest another arrives, another hurries on but one and the same end awaits them all. He has outstripped us on the way, but we shall all travel the same road, and the same hostelry awaits us all.

St Basil the Great – Letter V, To Nectarius

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