Summer at last

Today we had what approximated to a real summer’s day – sunny, warm and hayfever hell.

Time to get ready for autumn I guess….

This is a picture what I took, innit. [click to enlarge)

4 thoughts on “Summer at last

  1. Hello Father Hugh
    Just to say Alice (my Collie) and I enjoyed a lovely walk near Douai yesterday. We managed to time it so the huge downpour occurred while I was spending time browsing in the shop!

    Wonder why rain makes the hayfever worse though? was sneezing for England after we got home … 🙂


    1. Well of course you were sheltered during the deluge: this is holy ground! I sympathise with you in your hayfever, as this has been my worst year for it ever. It’e never-ending. Drink lots of water – it seems to help me.



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