The fecund fields of Douai

Plans for another blog entry have had to take a back seat after the birth on the same day of 4 lambs, twin boys and twin girls. Having expected none this year after our old ram’s summer death, the 6 lambs we now have are quite the surprise. There may be another ewe or two pregnant. Obviously our little boys, all only just turned 1 year old, have been able to fill their father’s hooves.

Twin sisters, Thelma (front) and Louise. They are already springing.
Twin brothers, Patch (left) and Flash, a little pooped after a frolic in a passing rain shower.
Eva and Zsa Zsa, now close to a month old, are excited about all the new friends they have. Here they manage to avoid a protective mother to acquaint themselves with Flash yesterday, not long after his birth.
Yesterday Patch gave reason to think he is going to cut quite a dash; he poses like a pro only hours after birth.

So, now that the tail rings are on, I can think about that blog post.

6 thoughts on “The fecund fields of Douai

    1. Strange!!? I take it that by “strange” you mean gorgeous, beautiful, cute or handsome. Remember they are but a few hours old and yet to get fleshed out like their month-older sisters.

      The breed is Jacobs (very biblical), which is classed as an unimproved breed, ie they have not been genetically tampered with over the centuries. There are two variations, the 2-horn and the 4-horn. Ours are the 2-horn variety. The males especially develop stunning horns within a year.

      Jacobs are very hardy which is why they do not need to come in to a shed for lambing. Indeed I was still taken aback a few weeks back when we had a spate of nights at -10 Celsius (or less), to find one morning that in a field otherwise white with a hard frost were lots of large green patches. Then it struck me – this is where the sheep had lain down to sleep for the night! The shelters we made for them are for wimpy sheep it seems.



  1. Mea culpa – I had no idea I was conversing with a fellow shepherd (well, I am in the [very] amateur ranks to be honest). Forgive me for explaining what must have been obvious.

    Frost is indeed better, in that at the very least it makes for a cleaner and more hygienic experience. The only hassle is de-icing the water!



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