Births in the Monastery

Well, not quite births in the monastery. Rather, births among its flock… of sheep, that is. Yesterday twin sister lambs, Eva and Zsa Zsa, were born (pics get bigger if you click them).

Just born

Mother busied herself for a long time indeed giving the little girls a makeover.

A tongue lashing of the best kind

This ewe lost both her twins last year when they emerged together. This confused her and she only managed to get one free of its birth sac, and then only belatedly. The encased one died before I arrived, and the second never recovered from the trauma and died not much later. This year, things worked to plan. I arrived shortly after Eva was born, and she was already clear of the sac, on her feet, and feeding. Having dashed back in for lunch, I returned to find Zsa Zsa had been born, and was also on her feet though having some trouble finding the teat. About Compline time it began to snow and I had fears for the lambs on this chilly first night for them.

So I was relieved to find this sight when I went out this morning…

Both lambs and morning, fresh

Zsa Zsa still has some trouble getting to the milk in timely fashion…

It's there somewehre

In all the lambs seem to be in good form. In fact, they are rather enjoying the attention from the paparazzo.

Taking the adulation like pros


Last night we had enough snow to blanket the earth in a soothing veil of white, fitting on this feast of St Scholastica, Virgin and Nun. There are two “photo essays” of scenes around the monastery this morning. You can see them on the Tumblr page (which is much better suited to pictures).

6 thoughts on “Births in the Monastery

  1. Beautiful photos Fr Hugh

    Somehow it is very touching and I remember the photos from last year when one little Lämmlein died. A sermon in images. Warm regards Martin. BTW ouir SAC 72 reunion plans are coming together nicely and I have been able to contact 56 old classmates.


    1. “A sermon in images”…. I may have to steal that! You have articulated exactly what I am trying to achieve, especially on the Tumblr page. Less verbiage and cold reason, more of an appeal to the eye and the imagination. So thank you for revealing that it might be fairly near the mark.

      56 is impressive. Where is the reunion to be held?


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