St Francis de Sales

Today is the feast of St Francis de Sales (1567-1622), the great (-est?) bishop of Geneva. If ever there was an uplifting spirituality, practical yet gentle, it is his. It is a tall order to choose one of his many gems to quote, apart from the obvious, and famous, examples. So on his feast day, as we invoke his intercession and ask his help, we find he has something to say to encourage us in our devotion to the saints:

To ensure that the saints pray and intercede for us, we must invoke them and ask their help. The best way to celebrate their feasts is to realize the power they have with God for obtaining the graces of which we stand in need. Our Lord is so pleased when we profit from the intercession of the saints that, wishing to bestow on us some favor, He often inspires us to seek their mediation and invites us to ask them to pray for us. With full confidence we should seek their help and turn to them, especially on their feast days, without doubting for a moment that they will listen to us and will obtain for us what we are asking. (Sermons 51, O. X, pp. 136-137)

St Francis de Sales, pray for us.

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