Pope Benedict to the Australian Bishops

At the conclusion of their ad limina visit to Rome, the Australian bishops gathered today to listen to Pope Benedict (who yesterday opened the new Australian pilgrimage centre in Rome, Domus Australia). Pope Benedict concluded his address with special mention of the celebration of the liturgy in Australia:

You are conscious of your special duty to care for the celebration of the liturgy. The new translation of the Roman Missal, which is the fruit of a remarkable cooperation of the Holy See, the bishops and experts from all over the world, is intended to enrich and deepen the sacrifice of praise offered to God by His people. Help your clergy to welcome and to appreciate what has been achieved, so that they in turn may assist the faithful as everyone adjusts to the new translation. As we know, the sacred liturgy and its forms are written deeply in the heart of every Catholic. Make every effort to help catechists and musicians in their respective preparations to render the celebration of the Roman Rite in your dioceses a moment of greater grace and beauty, worthy of the Lord and spiritually enriching for everyone.


2 thoughts on “Pope Benedict to the Australian Bishops

  1. Despite the extent of his universal remit the Pope seems remarkably informed on the weak points of any hierarchy. I would not put Australia at any peak of liturgical excellence and his words imply the need for improvement. Likewise, just over a year ago, about to leave the UK, he singled out the two things that the hierarchy were known to be lukewarm about: the revised and corrected Missal and the Ordinariate.


    1. Quite so! It would seem that Cardinal Pell has fairly good access to the Holy Father so he alone would be able to get through some of the more pressing issues. No doubt Pope Benedict was alert to various signs and signals when he was in Sydney for WYD08. Apart from highlighting the need to implement the new Missal faithfully, he raised also the need to improve catechesis of the young and adults and the ongoing formation of the clergy, partly to ensure more effective evangelisation (which is now a major project for his pontificate). Most observers will be able to read between the lines. I include the relevant section here:

      All the members of the Church need to be formed in their faith, from a sound catechesis for children, and religious education imparted in your Catholic schools, to much-needed catechetical programmes for adults. Clergy and religious must also be assisted and encouraged by an ongoing formation of their own, with a deepened spiritual life in the rapidly secularizing world around them. It is urgent to ensure that all those entrusted to your care understand, embrace and propose their Catholic faith intelligently and willingly to others.



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