Almsgiving and salvation

Today is the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time, or as we once would have said, the 18th Sunday after Pentecost. The gospel at today’s Mass is the famous story of Dives (Latin for “rich man”) and poor Lazarus from the gospel of St Luke. In it are sobering reminders that sins of omission can be just as serious as those of commission, and that they can lead to an eternal reality we call hell. The gospel also reminds us of our duty to the poor as something that is not an option but indeed a duty, an obligation. You might like to read this short but punchy commentary.

2 thoughts on “Almsgiving and salvation

  1. Yes, this reading (as do many!) always worries me. A regular gift to Aid to The Church in Need doesn’t really fit the bill, I don’t have a sick man collapsed at my gate and the last time I emptied my purse next to a poor soul semi-collapsed at Didcot station I looked back as I went in to see him weaving his way across a busy street to the opposite pub! Thinking I’d learned that lesson I bought a filled french stick for a beggar in Reading and a sausage for his dog – he didn’t look too impressed, though the dog was quite pleased! Where do I go from here..?


    1. Two thoughts occur to me. The first is that what he did with your donation was not so important as the fact you gave to him. The second is that in giving to the next chap you gave him what he needed, if not what he wanted. We are called to help others meet their needs not their desires! 🙂


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